A+ Ranch is USDA Certified Organic by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, which monitors and ensures that the ranch practices organic standards. A+ Ranch ensures the quality of its product by working towards practices that go Beyond Organic standards, which are the following:

Free Range: USDA Organic standards require organic poultry to have access to outdoors. At A+ Ranch our turkeys eat, grow and live outdoors as soon as age permits. A+ Ranch's #1 priority is managing the organic land that guarantees a healthy and nutritious diet for the turkeys.

Family Farm: A+ Ranch is a third generation family farm. The ranch consists of 120 certified organic acres that contributes to turkey production and farming. Today the ranch is ran by Mitch and Acee Lucero who have continued the turkey business that Acee's father (Allan Laudert) started in 1990. With generations of family knowledge and farming practices Mitch and Acee serve as responsible stewards of the land.

Sustainable: Producing, marketing and selling an organic product allow A+ Ranch to run a vertically integrated business. To maintaining a sustainable organic agricultural business, A+ Ranch focuses on environmental health, economic profitability and social equity with every business decision.

Local: A+ Ranch is passionate about supporting local like-minded businesses who participate in environmentally friendly practices. For example, what A+ Ranch cannot produce, it buys feed inputs and supplies from local organic farmers and businesses whenever possible. Producing a local organic product allows A+ Ranch to work with neighboring grocery stores, restaurants, businesses and individuals to market A+ Turkeys. Producing and selling products locally guarantees a positive economic impact to the surrounding communities.

In addition to the above "Beyond Organic" standards that A+ Ranch practices the USDA Organic standards are strictly regulated by the Idaho Department of Agriculture to ensure the quality of A+'s "Certified Organic" turkeys.

What does "Certified Organic" guarantee?

Feed Certified: guarantees that our certified organic turkeys are fed only certified organic feed - corn and soybeans - grown on soil free of pesticides and commercial fertilizers for a period of three years. Our certified organic turkeys are never fed any animal by-products, antibiotics, drugs, or growth stimulants of any kind.

Farm Certified: guarantees that our farm is certified to organically range grow our certified organic turkeys in large, outside enclosures allowing freedom to roam.

Facility Certified: guarantees that our own United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA) processing plant is certified to process our organically grown birds. The processing procedures for our certified organic turkeys are scrutinized to ensure that the same commitment to organic growing is maintained throughout production. We us absolutely no additives in the processing of our certified organic turkeys.

Product Certified: guarantees that our certified organic turkeys are certified as a finished product, to ensure that they retain their organic integrity from farm to packaging.

Distribution Certified: guarantees that our storage and distribution facilities are certified to ensure that the same consistent quality is delivered directly from us to you.

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